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Meet the Giants, the Bernheim Giants!

Have you been to Bernheim Forest to meet the giants yet?

For the past 3 years, I've taken the boys on this easy hike to see the giants, Mama Loumari, Little Nis and Little Elina. The giants were brilliantly created by a Danish artist, Thomas Dambo. They are made of recycled wood from the region and came to live at Bernheim in 2020. The giants are expected to stay at Bernheim through 2022, depending on how well the materials withstand the weather. We've been every year and they still look good! So, here's to hoping they will be here a few years more.

I can remember seeing pictures of friends going to see these giants and immediately knew I needed to see them for myself. The hike is only about 2 miles in a round loop, although you can take detours and extend the hike. I had never taken the boys on a hike and thought this would be a great first experience with the flat trail and multiple stops to see the giants.

Did you know you can see the giants for FREE? A $10 donation is suggested per vehicle, which we are always happy to pay. $10 for hours worth of fun for my kids (and me), yes please! If you make the donation, no big deal!

Once you arrive at Bernheim, you simply check in, make your donation and drive the winding road back to the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center has maps, bathrooms, gift shop and Isaac's Café, which serves veggies from Bernheim's Edible Garden. The sandwiches are delicious! The menu changes with the seasons.

From the Visitor Center, simply follow the Giant footsteps and you are on your way! Here is a digital map.

The first giant you'll meet is Little Nis, the son. He enjoys looking at his own reflection in the pond. If you have little turtle lovers, they'll enjoy seeing some in the pond!

After that, you'll walk through an open field to find a fun little play area for the kids, directly behind Mama Loumari.

From there, you'll get to walk through a shaded tree area, across a few pond bridges, and then you'll see our favorite giant -- Little Elina. There is rock garden that kids can walk along and open space to run around a bit. We always have our hike snack here since there are plenty of places to sit! Depending on the time of year, Elina's hair will be decorated with different items!

After Little Elina, you can choose to follow the same path back to the Visitor Center OR you can walk around the pond and see some other artist creations, like the nests!

This year, we were in for a great surprise at the end of our hike! Back at the Visitor Center, they have built the BEST natural children's playground that I have ever seen. We could have spent hours at the playground alone. Next time, we'll plan for more time!

Next year, I'd like to plan a camping trip to be able to explore more of Bernheim. There are so many trails and kid-friendly adventures that we haven't touched yet.

10/10 recommend for little kids!

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