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Wild Lights at the Louisville Zoo

Wild Lights at the Louisville Zoo by Love the Bluegrass

Have you heard the news? A slew of Wild Lights have taken over the Louisville Zoo! This brilliant light show is happen March 18th-June 5th. So, there is still time for you to make your way there and emerge yourself in this Eastern Cultural Experience!

After a fun night, here are a few tips I hope you find helpful!

Plan ahead!

Purchase your tickets ahead of time and grab that parking pass while you're at it!

Get there AT DARK!

I purchased tickets for 7pm and it wasn't quite dark yet. By the time we left it was a completely different experience! You want it to be dark.

Treats for adults & kids!

I may not be telling you something new here, but I had NO IDEA there were adult beverages at the zoo! They have wine, froze, bourbon, & beer. I may be planning an adults only trip to the zoo now! They also have all the treats that the kids (big & small) will enjoy! We couldn't pass up these GIANT soft serve ice cream cones and the pretzel (for my non-ice-cream-loving child). FYI - you are allowed to bring your own snacks & drinks.

Animals are sleeping!

Most animals are NOT on display in the evening/night time. I tried to prepare my kids ahead of time that this would not be their normal zoo experience and we'd make sure to go back soon during the day to see all the animals!

Glowing Sensory Playground

Y'all, this playground was the coolest part of the whole trip! There were glow in the dark swings, seesaws, a sensory sequin wall, reflective dance room, and even a fun cannon ball activity! Nothing short of spectacular!

Many of the lights and lanterns along the route are mechanical and interactive!

You can jump on a star and make a dragon move, the bees wings flap,

and some even make noises.

Chinese Acrobat Show

A surprise that we just happened to stumble upon was the Chinese Acrobat Show at the amphitheater! The shows times are 7:30pm, 8:45pm, & 10pm. The show kept my kids attention the whole time and they had fun dance music playing before and after the show. Included in the show is a fun mask changing man (that I still can't figure out), an amazing unicyclist that throws bowls on top of her head with the foot (what?!?), a beautiful performance of the peacock dance, and a hula hoop performance you have to see to believe! For more live action videos of this performance, check out my Wild Lights tab on Instagram.

Gift Shop Details

Fear not, the gift shop is open the whole time!

One of my kids was afraid the shop would be closed because it was was NOT closed. They had a lot of fun glow in the dark toys to enjoy too!

For additional pictures and videos, make sure to check out

my Instagram tab titled Wild Lights!

If you're planning a trip, make sure to tag me when you go! I'd love to see the photos!

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