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Small Business Spotlights for 2023

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

15 Days

15 Small Businesses

15 Favorite Gifts

Are you ready for 15 days of spotlighting my favorite small businesses in Kentucky? How about a giveaway or two?

Small Business Saturday is November 25th! I'm showing you my favorite ways to shop local this Christmas Season. I'm talking food, wine, coffee, adorable clothes, experiences and every single one supports a small business that I personally love.

While Amazon may have free shipping and get you quickly (supposedly), you don't know who you are really buying an item from and supporting. When you buy an item from a small business, that money goes directly into their pocket, which helps them buy groceries for their family, pay bills & costs of keeping the lights on for their business, and most importantly, when you buy local you are putting your money right back into your community. You know that every item they sell was carefully curated with you in mind.

So, when you're Christmas shopping this season, shop local. Shop with community in mind. Shop to help those small business owners continue to do what they love. Who knows... maybe they'll support you right back!

Day 1 - Small Business Spotlight

If you've been following me for a while, then it's no secret to you that my favorite Winery in Kentucky is Harkness Edwards Vineyards! From the atmosphere at the Peach House to the sweet taste of Big Red, there's just no place better than HEV.

Harkness Edwards Vineyards is located at 5199 Combs Ferry Rd in Winchester. Not only do they offer a variety of wines for every palette, you'll also find specially curated gifts like candles, bubble baths, jams, charcuterie boards, a variety of classes like wreath-making, custom cookies and pasta, and even a private picnic catered specifically to you and your group. Already a big fan of HEV? Grab some swag! I personally love the hats and tumbler.

Also, let us not forget that COVID did bring us the Adult Capri Suns from Harkness. Praise Jesus. You can still buy them during the summer or just stop by on Sunday for bottomless Sangria with your gal pals!

Current Deals:

- Custom HEV Giftwrapping

- Small Business Saturday Deal: 20% off the entire store - wine & gift shop!

To kick the Small Business Spotlight off with a bang, we're partnering up for a fun giveaway! Head on over to my INSTAGRAM for the details!

Here's some links to my favorite items from Harkness Edwards Vineyards:

Day 2 - Small Business Spotlight

Whether you're looking for eggs, chicken, turkey, beef or some amazing goat milk soap, Southern Songbird Farm is your go to source!

If I'm cooking, you can bet there is a Southern Songbird product in the recipe because I know their products were made with love & care. Carrie & Doug believe that everyone should have access to quality, local food and know the farmer that made it happen. Carrie is always emphasizing that you can taste the difference in their eggs because they have "happy chickens"! I 100% believe that. Don't believe it? Check out their custom built Chick Wagon and you'll change your mind. I also love that in buying their products, I'm supporting a friend and local farmer to continue doing what they love and were put on this earth to do.

About a year ago, Carrie & Doug embarked on a new Turkey journey. They raise their turkeys the same way they have the chickens. If you visit the farm, you'll see them grazing and plucking the ground on the rich soil that was naturally fertilized by the either the cows or pigs. It's a fascinating cycle that Farmer Doug is always happy to explain and dumb down for us non-farming folks.

So, this Thanksgiving, shop local and buy a non-GMO fed, pastured raised turkey for your family to enjoy! They have 14-17lb turkeys and you still have plenty of time to start thawing them out before the big day!

Another product that I use daily are the Marvelous Myrtle Goat Milk Soaps! Myrtle is one of the goats on the farm and Carrie turns her milk into the best smelling and feeling soap! Soon, you'll be able to order this online. Until then, you can purchase them at an upcoming market!

Located in Clark County, you can easily find their products year round in their online shop, Beech Springs Farm Market, Full Circle Market, Nutrition Center Richmond, Danville Nutrition Center, Happy Meadows Heath Store in Berea, and seasonally at the Winchester Clark County Farmer's Market. Farmer Doug also does weekly deliveries!

Want to meet Carrie & Doug in person and see all the products first hand?

Saturday, November 25th (Small Business Saturday)

Beech Springs Farm Market Christmas Market, Winchester, KY


Saturday, December 2nd

Winchester/Clark County Farmer's Market Christmas Market

Depot Street, Winchester, KY


Make sure to follow them on Facebook & Instagram for more info!

Here are some links to my favorite things from Southern Songbird Farm:

Day 3 - Small Business Spotlight

Dirty South Pottery is your one stop shop to find a gift for everyone on your Christmas List!

Teacher? Wine Glass or KY Mug

Mother-in-Law? Pie Plate

Hostess? Tea Towel

Kid? Santa Cookie Plate

Husband? Big Foot Mug!

Carvel & Ashley Norman opened up this special shop on Main Street in Winchester about 8 years ago! Since then, they've trademarked a mug with the saying "This Might be Bourbon", crafted some amazing Kentucky themed mugs, and have a Christmas line that sells out quickly!

In the past, they used to teach pottery classes in the back of their shop and let's just say that they make it look WAY easier than than it is to make a bowl! I ended up with 2 small condiment bowls instead of one large bowl...

It's safe to say that I have owned no fewer than 20 mugs, over a dozen bowls and I grab an ornament ever year too! When you walk in their shop, you will see pottery, tea towels, local coffee, socks, tea and other gifts that have each been hand selected.

Ashley & Carvel are known for their love of supporting local from their "Scooped" event to support Leeds Center for the Arts & Clark County Homeless Coalition and "Empty Bowls" where they team up with other KY Potters to make and donate bowls!

Make sure to visit Dirty South Pottery for your gifts this Holiday Season. Need some suggestions? Here's a few of my favorites!

Go give Dirty South Pottery a follow on Facebook & Instagram!

Day 4 - Small Business Spotlight

Nestled at the end of Quisenberry Lane in Winchester, you'll find the sweetest yoga studio surrounded by rolling green hills. That's the OM place!

I've been going to the OM place for about a decade now for their yoga, OM fit, and Mobility classes. As soon as you walk through the door, you are greeted with smiling faces, fun stories, and if you're lucky enough a warm embrace from the owner, Erin Smith.

The OM place has a slew of classes for all! No matter your age or mobility, you'll find a class perfectly suited for you. Yoga for beginners up to advanced, OM fit that incorporates small movements and strength training to build those muscles with music you're sure to know & love, Mobility 25 that offers circuit training and the best conversations of your life, and my new favorite class -- Roll & Restore, where you use tune up balls to roll out your fascia and calm your nervous system for the best sleep of your life! The OM place also offers personal training & private yoga sessions.

Erin also offers Thai Body Massages that basically does a yoga class to your body with stretches, compression and movements to stretch your body and soothe your muscles. This would be a great gift for anyone on your Christmas List and they are even running a great deal on a package for Small Business Saturday!

I've been dreaming of going on the OM place Yoga Retreat for years and in 2024 I'm finally making it happen! Erin is leading a week of yoga, fun and relaxation at Copal Tree Lodge in Belize in February. Morning and afternoon yoga and meditation practices will take place in an open air palapa overlooking the jungle canopy. Throughout the week, we'll hike along the trails, view the many species of birds and animals that thrive in the Belize jungle, relax by the pool, kayak on the river, visit the on-site rum distillery, or simply relax in a hammock. I'm hoping to befriend a monkey, soak in the pool with a cocktail in hand, relax, spend time with my friends and find out what a kid-free vacation feels like -- I have never vacationed without my kids!

Small Business Saturday Deals:

Make sure to follow the OM place on Facebook, Instagram and sign up for Erin's weekly #MotivationMonday newsletter that sneaks into your inbox each Monday to start your week off with a mindful bang!

Day 5 - Small Business Spotlight

For as long as I can remember, my family has always cut down a tree the day after Thanksgiving and enjoyed the smell of a fresh pine or fir throughout the Christmas season. This is one tradition that I hope will always continue.

A few years back, we discovered Nieman's Christmas Tree Farm in Lexington and since then, we've returned there each year.

You are greeted by sweet dogs and a family that is eager to help you pick out the perfect tree for your home. Whether you're looking for a White Pine (that's me!), White Fir, Fraser Fir or Blue Spruce, you are guaranteed to find a tree that has been groomed and perfected to your liking!

My kids love the challenge of competing to find the best tree! This year, Wilson chose the winner.

A few tips:

  • Measure the ceiling height in the room that you want to place your tree. That way, you'll know the height your looking for when you get to Nieman's. They provide a yardstick to help you measure

  • Make an appointment to pre-tag your tree prior to Thanksgiving starting Oct. 1st. Don't worry -- there were still plenty of trees when we pre-tagged last weekend!

  • You can take your tree home with you that day or come back to pick up the tree another time. For example, we pre-tagged ours on Nov. 12th and will pick it up the week of Thanksgiving.

  • NOTE: they do not accept cards -- cash or check only!

  • Then, all that's left is to water, decorate, water more, and ENJOY! Mine usually lasts through January...sometimes longer.

Make sure to follow Nieman Christmas Tree Farm on Facebook, their Website and if you want to pre-tag your tree, simply call (859)263-4535.

Day 6 - Small Business Spotlight

Did you know Winchester has a roastery? All of your coffee and caffeine dreams are located at 2000 Fortune Drive!

Whether you're looking for coffee to brew at home (whole bean, ground or pods), iced coffee, tea, espresso or even some tasty coffee treats, Creative Coffees has your back!

You're always welcome to stop in the Roastery to find your perfect blend! Debbie & Tamatha will educate you on the whole process from the different types of beans all the way down to being packaged in a custom bag for you to take home!

As I mentioned, you can partake in my favorite coffee at The Roastery, but you'll also find their products at The Daily Grind, Beech Springs Farm Markets, Colleges, Hospitals and my favorite spot -- The Winchester Clark Co. Farmer's Market! Let's just say if you're drinking a good cup of Joe around Clark County, odds are you're drinking the best, Creative Coffees!

If you're school or non-profit is looking for a fundraiser that people will love, look no further! Creative Coffees offers fundraising with custom branding and shipping directly to your supporters.

Also, keep Creative Coffees in mind for your next party or event! They will come set up a coffee table filled with hot and/or cold coffee. This pairs nicely with The Backcountry Baking Co. scones!

A few of my personal favorites:

  • Colombia Ground Coffee

  • Caramel Iced Coffee -- call (859)355-5412 to place your order today!

  • Farmer's Market Blend Ground Coffee (available upon request & at the market)

  • Peppermint Mocha Iced Coffee

Make sure you check out their website and follow them on Facebook & Instagram to see where they'll be setting up next!

Day 7 - Small Business Spotlight

From my wedding to pictures of my babies and every family photo to mark each year on, Lynnesy Catron has been behind the lens to capture the joy & craziness.

Somehow, Lynnesy can turn a chaotic photo session into photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. Let's face it, family photos are hard on Moms. We have to pick out the clothes, wrestle the kids into the clothes, somehow put ourselves together, bring all the bribes in our arsenal, turn the car around to get the family dog you forgot, and then attempt try to calm everyone down before we see the photographer. Some time between seeing Lynnesy and chasing around the boys that have lost all sense of decency at this point, she captures the magic moments. At least that's my experience. If that's not yours, please don't tell me. I need to feel like I'm not alone in this. ha!

She knows how to get kids to smile with funny jokes. Lynnesy can somehow get your dog to look right at the camera (or the bearded dragon). She makes you feel like the craziness is normal and that in itself is such a blessing. As a mother of 4 kids under 10, Lynnesy knows a thing or two about embracing the craziness and finding the joy in the tiny moments. Then, she snaps her camera and it's a memory that you'll hang on your wall to enjoy every day. Her photography style is fresh & clean and always looks flawless.

Currently, Lynnesy is working on her Heirloom sessions. Imagine the photos of your parents as babies that have hung in your grandparents house all these years. Photos that look like a completely different time. Nostalgia and sweetness all rolled into one. When you book a session, Lynnesy will not only take several photos in color and black & white for you to choose from, but you also get to choose your favorite photo to be printed on quality textured paper and matted! This will be shipped directly to you. Lynnesy does all the work for you. Let's face it, the odds that I will get my photos printed if left to do it on my own are slim to none. Don't believe me, look at the 27,929 photos that I currently have on my phone. Check out the Heirloom photos she did of my sons below and my reel on Instagram for a better look at the quality!

Just a word of advice from a Mom that used to feel like everything needed to look perfect: Embrace the crazy. Let your child bring a stuffed animal to the photo session. Pick out a few clothing options for your kids to choose from so their personality will shine through the photos. Bring all the animals. Book Lynnesy Catron to be your photographer. You won't regret it.

To book Lynnesy for a family or lifestyle session, email Make sure you're following her on Facebook & Instagram. To be the first to know about upcoming sessions, sign up for her newsletter.

Day 8 - Small Business Spotlight

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could shop and have a nice glass of wine at the same time?"

Lucky for you, Allison & Dana had the same vision and created The Blushery in Lexington, KY! Shopping, wine bar, pop-up shops, hair/'s really your one stop shop to feel glamorous! The space is also available to rent for parties & bridal groups! They've truly thought of it all!

I can't tell you how many times I've been in a rush to get to a show and hated what I was wearing. I would quickly stop into The Blushery, knowing they would have something a rack to make me feel better about myself. Next thing you know, I'm on stage with a boost of confidence!

The price range of their clothes & accessories ranges to fit every budget. Each item was personally picked out by the ladies there in a limited quantity. Can't make it into the shop? Not a problem since you can shop online!

You can even become a VIP Member with exclusive discounts, early drops, & $1 glass of champagne while you shop! Sign me up!

Allison & Dana first became the dynamic duo with Blush & Glow, which is a bridal hair & makeup company. If you are getting married or have an event coming up, I cannot express enough how AMAZING this team is at making you feel your most beautiful! Allison has done my hair & makeup several times for photo shoot and big music shows!

A few of my favorite items I've purchased this year:

Make sure to follow The Blushery on Facebook & Instagram!

Day 9 - Small Business Spotlight

A couple of years ago, I started treating myself to a facial once a month. I've never been one to pamper myself with getting my nails done or monthly hair appointments. So, getting my monthly facial was a form of self-care that seemed foreign to me, but I'm so glad I took that step!

Lisa and her team always know exactly what my skin needs -- hydration, exfoliation, hydroplane, or good peel to remove the years of sun damage.

Before Luxe, I was buying whatever was cheapest to put on my face and not looking at what the product could actually do for my skin. My skin has never looked or felt better!

It's very hard for me to set aside time for me each month, but what's wonderful is that Lisa easily squeezes me in on my lunch break! I return back to work with a nice glow. We are so lucky to have our own Spa right here in Winchester!

A few of my favorite products & Services:

Upcoming Deals

  • 11.25 - Small Business Saturday - 20% off all retail & gift cards

  • 12.1 & 12.2 - Christmas Open House - Over $10k in Giveaways and SO MANY DEALS!

Make sure to follow Luxe Med Spa on Facebook & Instagram for upcoming monthly deals & promos! To get the best deals & bang for your buck, make sure to sign up for the Membership!

Day 10 - Small Business Spotlight

Beech Springs Farm Market is your one stop shop for shopping local in Winchester! Homemade lunch & catering, fresh fruit and vegetables, local meat & eggs, and so much more!

No matter the season, Bailey has thoughtfully curated festive decorations to make Beech Springs a hot attraction! She's even added a fun play area for families to enjoy!

Coming up is the highly anticipated Christmas Market on Saturday, November 25th (Small Business Saturday!). With over 65 vendors, you'll find a gift for everyone on your list while supporting local farmers, makers & businesses!

You'll find several of the other Small Business Spotlight's I've featured there like Harkness Edwards Vineyards, Southern Songbird Farm, The Parido Place, Creative Coffees Roastery and more!

A few of my favorite booths I have to stop by each year:

  • Harkness Edwards Vineyards

  • Creative Coffees to grab a hot cup of coffee while walking around the Market

  • The Black Barrel Market Co. - love her custom ornaments!

  • Soap from Southern Songbird Farm

  • The greenery & wreaths are always gorgeous!

  • Eat at Bell on Wheels - get the Caribbean onion rings or tomato bisque if it's on the menu!

Make sure to follow Beech Springs on Facebook & Instagram to check out their weekly lunch specials, upcoming events, and all the fresh produce arriving daily!

Day 11 - Small Business Spotlight

Under the umbrella of the Parido Place, you'll not only find the Shepherd's Forge and Sarabee Designs & Fiber Farm, but you'll also find the sweetest family of 6 that has created a life of meaning and faith.

The matriarch, Sarabeth, spends most of her time raising 4 boys, but finds joy on the side with her sheep and fiber! She taught me years ago how to knit and crochet and it's been an activity that I still love to unwind to at night. As a recovering perfectionist, she'll tell you I about lost my sanity when she unraveled my first knitting project because of a mistake and told me to start over. It was a life lesson I'll never forget!

If you're ever in Clark County, you need to stop by her farm to meet the sheep! Sarabeth takes the wool and spins it into gorgeous on of a kind skeins for all of us fiber fans to enjoy! Don't knit? No worries! She takes custom orders for birthdays and holidays. Plus, she sells her items year round in her online shop and at markets!

The Patriarch, Kevin, found a hobby that turned into a pretty nice side gig a few years back -- Forging. As one of his first customers, I have watched how this business has grown and how Kevin is always looking for new items to create for his customers. These custom knifes are hand crafted and one of kind. He'll tell you how to care for your knife and I promise that you can feel the difference when cutting up your food! Want to forge your own knife? Kevin even offers classes where he works hand in hand with your to forge, fit & finish a knife together. Next class is March 24th! This would make a great Christmas gift for your guy!

This couple is always coming up with something new to show you! Want to shop their items in person? Stop by Beech Springs Farm Market on Small Business Saturday (November 25th) for the Christmas Market from 10am-4pm!

Make sure you're following The Parido Place on Instagram & Facebook to see what they are currently creating.

Sarabee Designs & Fiber Farm - Instagram & Facebook

The Shepherd's Forge - Instagram & Facebook

Day 12 - Small Business Spotlight

Do you love food? Do you love learning about fun history? How about doing all of this with an eclectic group of people? Well, do I have the perfect experience for you -- Bites of the Bluegrass!

Erin Goins, the vivacious food tour leader, will instantly reel you in with her larger than life personality and whitty stories about Lexington! I'm the first to tell you that history has never interested me and my past report cards would indeed agree. However, Erin somehow made me want to know even more history about Lexington. She didn't just talk about the "Who's Who" and typically dates things were being signed. She talked about the risque life of downtown's past, the people that aren't in the textbooks and how all of those things are relative and brought to life in today's day and time.

There are several diferent tours to choose from: Downtown Walking Food & History Tour, Distillery District Food & History Tour, Cocktails + Bites Tour, and the tour of all tours -- Just a Few Miles South Tour with Culinary Royalty Chef Ouita Michel! For my first tour, I chose the Downtown Food & History Tour that was a 2 hour tour of downtown Lexington filled with 5 food stops that did not dissapoint! We traveled to Zim's Cafe, Agave & Rye, Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, Buddha Lounge, & The Grove. Our bellies were full, we laughed so much and were so sad when the tour came to an end! I could have talked with Erin and the other people I met on the tour for a few hours more. Check out my reel on Instagram to see the whole experience!

That was my first tour with Bites of the Bluegrass, but will certainly not be my last! Also, just a quick note about the walking. Don't let it scare you! We walked a total of 1 mile in 2 hours with 5 stops, plus there were always benches to take a break and listen to Erin along the way. She's really thought of every detail to make these tours enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

If you're looking for a gift of an amazing experience, this is the gift! I'm definitely getting a few gift cards for people on my shopping list this year!

Buy a Gift Card Here and support a local Boss Babe that would love to show you Lexington! Make sure to follow Bites of the Bluegrass on Facebook & Instagram for guaranteed FOMO!

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